Tales of Arestia

The Drama, the Tension, the Breasts!

An encoded message from Syilvius Modesto to Senator Mira Modesto

(written using the same book code as my previous missives)


The hunting expedition did not go as planned. Garret was was not present to find the truth, and so that duty fell to the Harken and Gendren. By the time they were satisfied that he had done it, they had given him an arrow wound to the leg. Would have been a nightmare to explain at Senate, especially after we tried to have him arrested.

Aegon is also mad as a bag of cats. He seemed convinced that Garret’s mother was his willing companion, and seemed desperate to have Garret as his half-elven heir. Gandren seemed especially put off by him.

Handily (or not, honestly), half-elves are apparently born with massive legal authority, and the will to abuse it. He arrested Aegon on behalf of the elves and dragged him off to an elven court to stand trial for a 20-year-old rape charge on no evidence other than the testimony of a mind-reader. It’s not as if I feel sorry for the bastard — if Gendren says he did it, then chances are he did, but this can’t be how justice is meant to be served.

Ultimately that does not matter, because whether or not it should have gone down this way, it did go down that way. And I have also learned that elves apparently get bored with their sex every few hundred years and then change it over night, which Gandren opted to do tonight. That’s not really important to Aegon’s fate, but it is useful information to keep under your hat.

For what it’s worth, the elven system of justice is every bit as addled as our own. As I said in my previous letter, I accompanied this expedition to Elderan under the pretext of looking after Arestia’s interests, but when the political complications of a senator’s arrest (and extradition, sans any illusion of process,) wer raised, the magistrate’s only reply was to “tell the humans that the only reason they get to live here is because we deigned to let their ancestors onto our ships.” In other words, we apparently live at elven sufferance and should be glad for our subservience.

Even the pretext of looking out for our interests was obviated, however, since the whole investigation, the discovery of evidence, the deliberation, and the trial, were all closed to any observation. The elves claimed to have found the truth through a system of questioning and divination, but the only part of the proceedings that anyone could see was the announcement of the verdict and sentencing. Hell, even Garret wasn’t permitted to observe, and he brought the man in.

Long story short, Aegon was stripped of his title and all property, wealth, and holdings, all of which was given to Garret (his illegitimate son) save for a small stipend for the ex-Senator’s family. And again, I don’t care about the old bastard’s fate so much as the fact that the elves of Vanyr can apparently summarily strip a Senator of his position and reassign his properties to their own people at a whim. Whatever treaties we have with them, they’re kind of garbage.

In any case, I’m pretty sure that Harken Burrow was unhappy with the sentence and plans on carrying out some kind of rough justice of his own, unless Tucker finds him and stops him first. That same magistrate gave us each a token that’s some sort of one-time exemption from the law as a “thank you” for delivering Aegon, and I think Harken intends to use his now. I prefer to hold on to mine in case of an emergency.

In any case, the elves are taking full responsibility for Aegon’s removal now, so you’re likely to be spared any fallout. And honestly, even if someone were to somehow implicate you in Aegon’s downfall, there are worse reputations to have than having the Vanyr on your side.

The journey home begins soon, and soon after that I will be home.

Your loving son,
Sylvius Modesto



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