Amnestria Modesto

Bookish Little Sister


Mira Modesto was a courtesan from the Blue Lantern District, who was eventually elected to the station of Senator due to a combination of personal appeal and back-room connections. Though unwed, she had three children: Sylvius, Severus, and Amnestria.

Still a teenager, Amnestria is the youngest of the Modesto children (so far). Though attractive and not socially inept, Amnestria is a tad asocial, finding greater pleasure in scrolls of lore and ancient tales than in parties and intrigue. Her intense focus on her studies occasionally makes her seem a tad oblivious, as she immerse herself in a book or puzzle or some other intellectual pursuit, an when she “comes up for air” weeks later, the social landscape has completely changed. She has difficulty keeping up with Sylvius’ affairs, alternately declaring that she’s given up trying and threatening to make Sylvius maintain a ledger in the library so that she can keep current (and “for the edification of future generations” as she put it).

Amnestria would be tomboyish if she tried harder, but she doesn’t. She’s just at home (or out of place) in silken stolae and woolen tunics. She’s neither elaborately-coiffed nor ill-kempt. She projects a sort of aura of accidental austerity that her mother insists only highlights her natural beauty. Amnestria has yet to reveal romantic inclinations toward anyone who isn’t an idealized character on a page.


Amnestria Modesto

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