Senator Mira Modesto

Courtesan turned Courtier



Mira Modesto was a courtesan from the Blue Lantern District, who was eventually elected to the station of Senator due to a combination of personal appeal and back-room connections. Though unwed, she had three children: Sylvius, Severus, and Amnestria.

Mira is a remarkably indulgent mother, intent on seeing her children thrive. Thus, she has allowed Sylvius his own head, and encouraged even his most unwise romantic entanglements (many of which make her nostalgic for her misspent youth), but also supportive of Severus’ ambitions (even if she doesn’t entirely understand them) and Amnestria’s scholarly pursuits. As a cunning and ruthless opportunist, she has also taken advantage of some of the “embarrassments” that Sylvius’ peccadilloes would have caused to solidify her political position.

Senator Mira Modesto

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