Severus Modesto

Disapproving Sibling


Mira Modesto was a courtesan from the Blue Lantern District, who was eventually elected to the station of Senator due to a combination of personal appeal and back-room connections. Though unwed, she had three children: Sylvius, Severus, and Amnestria.

A couple of years younger than Sylvius, Severus is a little more comfortably a child of the upper classes. When they were very young, he looked up to Sylvius, but somewhere along the way he began to see him as an embarrassment. He is very image-conscious, and always aware that he has his mother’s “colorful” background to make up for if he wants to be respectable. And respectability is high on Severus’ list of aspirations. Of the three Modesto children, he most inherited Mira’s political inclinations, and is thus the most vocally concerned with the family name, and how to keep the family’s status and wealth going not just through Sylvia’s tenure as Senator, but throughout the generations to follow, a responsibility he never tires of reminding Sylvius of.

Sylvius is the family member most consistently and frequently mortified by Sylvius’ adventures, and the quickest to tell him as much. As a result, there is friction between the brothers, as Severus loudly asserts that Sylvius has “coasted” for too long, while Sylvius suggests that Severus pull the stick out and mind his own business.

Severus seems inclined to heterosexuality, at least in the sense that he speaks often of marrying well and having children (which would presumably involve having sex with a woman), but he is otherwise characteristically tight-lipped about his proclivities to everyone save perhaps Mira.

Severus Modesto

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