In the begining there was Light and Void. Then came Form. Then came Time. From these Aion, Gaea, and Skotos came into being. Aion and Skotos were twins, the First Dragons. Twin beings that reflected one another. Aion took Gaea, embodiment of Form, as his consort. Together they concieved the Universe and all within: the Sun, Moon, Stars, Oceans, Forests, and Seas. The Gods were their family, and the fruits of their union.

Skotos was jealous of their union. He had dominion over all the darkness, and the deep void that existed between the lights in the heavens. Ancient, alien beings that exisited in eternal exile in those depths whispered to Skotos. From them he learned deciet and pride. He used his power to slither through the shadows and darkness and take Gaea for his own lover, without even her knowledge. He sired his own divine beings. His childern were mistaken for Aion’s, and Skotos was pleased to see his progeny bring suffering and woe to his brother’s beautiful creations.

In time, some of the gods noticed the wickedness of their siblings. They watched how they played games with the races of the world they had created. Instead of treating them as childern who needed guidence, they treated them like pets or playthings that only existed for their amusement. Mother Gaea could not see this darkness, for they were all her childern. Lead by the sisters Artemestia, Lunor, and Sidereal, the Rebellion of Stars began and they rose up against their wicked siblings. The divine war rocked the very foundations of the heavens, and the Three Sisters and their allies emerged victorious. The Fallen Gods were exiled from the Divine Realm of Arcadia. The Three Sisters took their rightful place as rulers of the Gods, with the full blessing of their Father Aion.

Skotos, the true father of the wicked gods, pulled the exiles into the Void and breathed his full divine power into them. They became purified in darkness and reborn. Thus they are now know collectively as The Fallen Stars. They are the generals in Skotos’s eternal war against Aion.

The Gods of Arestia

Goddess of the Sun
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Life, Light

God of the Moon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Knowledge, Trickery,

God of Stars
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: War, Knowledge

Goddess of Night
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Life

Goddess of Creation
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Nature
*Gaea is the Divine force revered by the Druids. Actual priest of Gaea are rare.

Goddess of Sea
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Storm

God of Nature
Alignment: Nuetral Good
Domains: Nature

The Dragon of Eternity. God of Dragons, Time, and the Infinite Sky
Alignment: Nuetral Good
Domains: Light, Knowledge

The Serpent of the Void. God of Darkness, Deciet, and the Abyss.
Alignment: Nuetral Evil

The Fallen Stars

Disphoria the Fallen Huntress
Goddess of Betrayal, Fantaticism, and Madness.

Pateros the Fallen God King.
God of Violence, Rape, and Conquest.

Utos the Fallen Warden of Souls.
God of Death, Greed, and Torture.

Cthuotonos the Fallen Warden of the Oceans.
God of the Murky Depths, Drowning, and Tragedy.

Atropos the Fallen Keeper of Hearths.
Goddess of Famine, Pestilence, and Murder.


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