The Republic of Arestia

Capital: Illyria

Majior Cities: Tregaron.

Races: Human, and all Others welcome.

The Republic of Arestia is a country rules by a vast Parliment of various factions who wish to wield magic, prosperity, and technology to maintian an elgalitarian society.

The Icewind Confederation

Capital: Ironholt

Races: Dwarves Gnomes

To the North are the Icewind Mountians. The Dwarves live, work, and trade in underground cities and stone fortresses along the mountains and in the northern forests. Deep and tinker Gnomes live alongside them, while forest gnomes live in the northern forests.

The Forestlands of Vanyr

Capital: Elderan

Races: Elves, Halflings, and Gnomes.

The people of the eastern forests live in harmony with nature. All three of the Peoples of the Eastern Forest often venture from their woodland homes in search of adventure and romance.

The Urk Hordes

Capital: N/A

Races: Urks (Half Orcs in TPH)

The southern plains lands, black shard mountains, and Sha Desert are inhabited by the Urk Hordes. they are vast tribes that war with each other constantly. Although the occasional Urk warrior will travel North in search of Mercenary work.

The Dragon Isles

Capital: Aion’s Rest

Races: Dragonborne, Dragons.

An tropical archipelago off the south western coast, just to the west of Dragon Maw Point. Dragonborne rule these islands. The dragonborne often travel to the mainland, via a colony they have established on Dragon maw Point, to deliver the wisdom and strength of the ancient dragons, the first born being of the world.

The Empire of the Labyrinth Isles

Capital: White Horn

Races: Minotuars, Dragonborne.

A distant archipeligo far into the Western sea is the island empire of the Minotuars. They are an empire built upon strenth, honor, and valor. The Empire’s weath is built upon raiding and conquest. They share islands with a colony of far western Dragonborne who they have tenous alliance with against the various other sea faring empires to the far West. The treaty they share even extends to the Dragonborne of the Dragon isles.


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