Tales of Arestia


From the Journal of Sylvius Modesto

Harken‘s attempt to hunt down and finish off Senator Aegon was stalled when we saw him in the company of Magistrate Calpurnia, who was escorting him back to Ilyria in behalf of the Lord Protector. Rather than risk harming an innocent, not to mention drawing the Lord Protector’s ire, we elected to return to Illyria ourselves, and perhaps wee what the Lord Protector wanted with him. Harken and Brother Garret apparently had business in one of the elven vllages that was more pressing, however.

When we returned home, Mother told me that a young upstart in the senate, Senator Oren Augustus, leading progressives in the Senate, along with bipartisan support from conservatives affronted by Senator Petarkis arrest, to strip the church of its power to arrest people for heresy. Now if we could only do the same for half-elves, we’d have a good start on a autonomous republic.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with this. Garret, in particular, seems offended by his church’s reduction in power. Predictably, he also donated Aegon‘s confiscated estates to the church to make up for the lost income Petarkis had been providing. I’m pretty sure the public response to that is only going to cement Oren Augustus’ victory for his Senate vote. That really seemed to piss off Miri as well, inasmuch as her opinion even has any bearing on his life choices.

In any case, Gandren was approached by a charming (and provocatively dressed) woman of otherworldly descent, named Dior Carrion, who had some kind of academic proposal she needed his help with, at which point Garret behaved wit embarrassing discourtesy. I mean, I can see how her appearance might give someone pause, but she showed up at the temple of Artemisia during broad daylight and didn’t burst into flame, and since he wasn’t smiting her I can assume she’s not actually demonic. Which can only mean that he was just being an ass about her appearance. Not to mention the fact that the temple itself is now under armed guard, which is a bit odd for a public temple. They’ve become awfully militant, the Artemisians, and not at all welcoming of the laity. If they keep it up, I suspect a lot of Ilyrians are going to be wandering into the church Lunor instead.

I wonder, would the Church of Artemisia be foolish enough to be planning a coup to overthrow the Assembly? They have to know that both the Lunorians and Siderealites would oppose them, not to mention the militias and the guard and watch. Something to keep an eye on in the future, in any case.

In other news, Gandren now has a map of the entrances to the catacombs beneath the city, and Sister Erin plans to utilize it and us in a sting operation to capture any remaining Atropos-cultists. We’ll see how that goes soon.



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